Shogun International is putting the LHD conversion industry in a spin. With excellent conversions time frames, competitive prices and quality of workmanship, we are leading the industry in making American vehicle as cost effective as purchasing a locally delivered HSV or FPV.

And in the way of towing and sheer size of truck comparison of locally delivered units? There is none… the Toyota Landcruiser and Ford Ranger top out at about 3500 ton which is simply no match.

We have invested in technology to allow prototyping to be carried out with accuracy and reducing the time taken to prototype new components. We use data point acquisition systems utilising the latest and greatest products available on the market today.

The use of such technology allows us to acquire data from the original part and electronically manipulate the data to produce an electronic image of the new component. The component is then 3D printed in right hand drive format and fitted to the vehicle to ensure correct fitment. The part is then used to manufacture the mould.

From start to finish, all product development and implementation is undertaken in house by highly trained staff under strict quality control procedures.

Deliver the ultimate RHD Conversion

The RHD conversion industry has changed very little over the last 30 years. The industry still uses methods dating back decades. The materials of choice used to carry out the conversions 30 years ago are the same materials used today. The prototype method used decades ago is still widely used today. In summary, the industry has not advanced and in general is very antiquated and backwards.
Shogun international realized from the beginning that the industry needed to change. The following goals were set to enable shogun to deliver the ultimate conversion:

1.    A new method of fast prototyping was needed to reduce the time taken to deliver a new product to the market.

2.    To produce parts with repeatability to enable conformity.

3.    Manufacture all components in house to maintain quality and therefore reduce overall time frame of conversions.

4.    To deliver a conversion of a standard comparable with original manufacturer finish.


How are the mould’s made?
All moulds are made in house by our expert mould makers and pattern maker.
A mould is only as good as the pattern which it is made from. At shogun we do not rest until we have perfected a conversion and if this means changing the way we manufacture or fit a particular component we will continue to develop the conversion until we are totally satisfied that the conversion can not be improved. The industry is notorious for not taking the time or spending the money required to improve a conversion.
At shogun International, we have parts made in stock and offer no delays in fitment.

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