Importation and Shipping Process

When you have found a car, we will arrange all the paperwork in order to have the car land in Oz. This includes the RAWS Import Approval, proof of registration for near new vehicles, and all the shipping documents you’ll need to have the vehicle exported from the US.

The usual process is as follows.

  • Purchase a car and pay the dealer
  • Dealer to fit new tyres, air filter, vapour canister and fuel filter (RAWS Requirement)
  • Dealer to provide a photograph of the build plate
  • Have the vehicle transported to the shipping yard
  • Send via container or RoRo (see below)
  • Arrives in the Brisbane port for clearance
  • You pay the invoice for all shipping fees
  • We receive the vehicle for compliance

RoRo Shipping

Roll on Roll off shipping is a method of transport where the vehicle is driven onto the vessel under its own power, secured to the floor of the ship and then driven off on the other end. This is one of the only methods to ship the larger vehicles like dual wheel Dodge Ram’s or Chevrolet Silverado’s. There can be no inner cargo for RoRo services and generally speaking the boat will trans-ship via Japan and take approximately 45 days to arrive in Oz.

Container Shipping

This is the most common method to ship valuable vehicles from the US. They are allowed to have inner cargo and transit times are generally 21 days. Vehicles have limited room inside the container and they are generally packed tightly to keep the costs for you down. 3 smaller vehicles (Mustangs, Camaro’s, etc,) will fit in a 40ft container and room to store boxes of parts. Of course you can pay extra and buy the extra space around your vehicle or even ship in a 20ft container although they are a lot more expensive.

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