Compliance Process

There are a few different compliance schemes applicable to certify an American muscle car or truck into Australia.

Personal importation allows an American citizen to import their own vehicle back to Australia on the proviso that they do not leave USA for 12 consecutive months and they are moving to Australia. That means no stamp in your passport for even a quick trip to Canada. This is an extremely strict importation process as it means the car does not need most compliance or conversion processes completed and as such is hardly ever used for importing a vehicle from America.

RAWS compliance is the industry standard for importing a vehicle into Australia. Workshops need to be ISO certified every year and the vehicles need new filters and tyres at the time of importation. Keeping in mind that you are saving a lot of money from buying a new vehicle, these minor costs don’t deter our clients from using our Registered Automotive Workshop to compliance their vehicle.
The vehicle is deemed second hand and needs to meet the ADR requirements as per the RAWS system.

New Low Volume: This is our preferred form of compliance to date, we only recommend new vehicles, and new vehicle compliance, the vehicle is allowed to be certified and complianced over seas before it enters the country, there is nothing better than a new vehicle, the extra costs of a second hand vehicle outweigh the potential savings, ie, Quarantine, new tires duty in some cases.

Full Volume: All of our compliance approvals are now at the verge of full volume approval, this means Shogun is the manufacturer of your vehicle and the is no limit to what can be done or the numbers produced.The Quality control required has forces us to adopt the most extreme QC procedures with the most cutting edge in systems, procedures causing any error in manufacturing impossible in turn delivering you the consumer the safest vehicle available.

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