RHD Conversion Process

American vehicles have progressed a long way in the last few years. Digital electrical systems now run through most American vehicles allowing the car to have fewer wires controlling more gadgets. Electronic steering systems are also incorporated in new models as vehicle platforms are being pushed to new levels given the competitiveness between manufacturers. Technology travels at leaps and bounds, These are the challenges we have already faced as we convert the vehicles from LHD to RHD and the results are often better then factory.

Everything you see inside one of our F250’s Ram’s, GMC’s, Camaro’s, Mustang’s, Tundra’s, Corvette’s etc is manufactured in house under strict ISO9001 Quality assurance. This will ensure parts are available once your vehicle arrives for the conversion process to begin. Every process and every part is now made in house, so we can control everything. The ultimate goal is for you to receive a vehicle in pristine driving condition without question. The change from LH to RH drive should not be noticed and we pride ourselves in making the vehicles look factory or better in regards to not only dashboards, but steering and lighting.

The incorporation of OEM steering boxes has seen the end of an era with problematic steering issues for shogun, we pride ourselves on an original equipment feel steering that is simply as it should be.

Producing dashboards is an art. The conversion industry primarily uses fibreglass wrapped in vinyl as their product of choice. Some even cut the original dash into pieces and glue it back together. In our eyes this is not acceptable.

We have adopted a new cutting edge fibre glassing system utilising revolutionary mould making systems which have enabled us to punch out new perfect components in quantities large enough to cater for fast and perfect conversions, these components lo longer require vinyl wraping.

This new dash manufacturing procedure does not have a heat warping nor shrinking risk, and has aided in a far superior end product that is far easier to install, and the finish installed product is second to none, we have now also incorporated leather stitching into all vehicles previously not offered like the C7 Corvette.

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