The Process

Time Frame & Procedure
From the time your new vehicle is purchased in North America / Canada the vehicle may take a couple of weeks to arrive at the port with the correct paperwork for export depending how far away from the export port the vehicle is.

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Importation and Shipping Process
When you have found a car, we will arrange all the paperwork in order to have the car land in Oz. This includes the RAWS Import Approval, proof of registration for near new vehicles, and all the shipping documents you’ll need to have the vehicle exported from the US.

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RHD Conversion Process
American vehicles have progressed a long way in the last few years. Digital electrical systems now run through most American vehicles allowing the car to have fewer wires controlling more gadgets. Electronic steering systems are also incorporated in new models as vehicle platforms are being pushed to new levels given the competitiveness between manufacturers. Technology travels at leaps and bounds, These are the challenges we have already faced as we convert the vehicles from LHD to RHD and the results are often better then factory.

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RAWS Compliance Process
There are a few different compliance schemes applicable to certify an American muscle car or truck into Australia.

Personal importation allows an American citizen to import their own vehicle back to Australia on the proviso that they do not leave USA for 12 consecutive months and they are moving to Australia. That means no stamp in your passport for even a quick trip to Canada. This is an extremely strict importation process as it means the car does not need most compliance or conversion processes completed and as such is hardly ever used

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Time frame and Procedure


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