Time Frame & Procedure

  • Once your new vehicle has been purchased in North America, the Shogun Team begins acquiring the appropriate export documents and your vehicle is sent from the dealership to the port for shipment. Depending on how far from port your vehicle is, this can take up to one month.
  • Shipping from Los Angeles USA (the recommended shipping depot CFR Rinkins) takes approximately 3 weeks to manila.
  • 5 Days approximately for the vehicle to arrive at our Philippines mega factory after unloading. We ship our vehicles in 40 foot containers and avoid RORO minimising the possibility of damage. We find this method the most secure way to transport a vehicle.
  • Within 2 days of your car arriving we will have it stripped and all parts individually wrapped and bar coded to avoid damage or misplacement in accordance with our full volume compliance procedures.
  • Our new conversion and compliance parts will be installed in your vehicle soon after. We utilise only new products and do not use any obsolete or second hand products. Any conversion parts not purchased new from vehicle manufacturers are developed and produced in house under strict guidelines.
  • Once the vehicle is completed the vehicle is test driven, pre delivered and detailed it is exported from the Philippines and 3 weeks later the vehicle arrives in Australia Complianced.
  • It then takes a week to customs clear the vehicle and allow a week for the vehicle to be freighted to the delivery depot closest to you.
  • From beginning to end we can complete the whole process in around 5 months give or take a week or simply buy one out of stock from one of our approved franchise dealers.


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Time frame and Procedure


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